Helvetia Triâge


We were happy to contribute to the merging process of the HELVETIA and Nationale Suisse. Together with Paul Krummenacher and his team of Frischer Wind AG, we developed a multi-step concept to unite these two insurances. The goal was to make the unification perceptible, to show the importance of every single employee and to create a representative artwork for the entrance hall of the headquarter.

Experience the merger
and consolidation

The three values of the new HELVETIA are laser-embossed in the three legs of the triangle, which consists of three different types of wood. During a leadership conference, 180 executives of both insurances assembled the common logo out of 180 pieces. Through this almost ceremonial act, the merger of the former competitors could be playfully experienced.

Appreciating the employees

In work groups the participants were confronted with the values and were able to interpret them personally. Within the following months, the participants sent their personal interpretation of the values in writing to us. These notions were laser-embossed in the cornerstones of the artwork in order to symbolize the importance of every single employee in the company.

Unveiling the final artwork

There could have been no better atmosphere for the festive unveiling than the Rigi-Kulm. Surrounded by the majestic setting of the central-Swiss alps, the event marked the end of the merging process to the new HELVETIA.