Values of unity


In the context of the merger of EPEX SPOT and APX Group to the European Power ­Exchange, the new brand values should be made visible and internalised by the employees. During a creative team building ­workshop with 160 participants, we developed two artworks, which were placed at their company’s locations in Paris and Amsterdam.

Perspective Paper Artwork

Perspective Paper Artwork: 340 tetrahedrons are placed in a way that they seem to be a random surface. The spectator is animated to change position and to discover two self-reliant messages: the company’s logo and its main value.

Mosaic of glazed tiles

The Mosaic of glazed tiles: Here again the motto was: Many single pieces arise to something great! The artwork consists of thousands of mosaic pieces. They were put together by the employees, to form a graphic, which shows the values of the company.

Sustainable Key Event

With the collaboration of the event agency First Service, we had the pleasure to perform the workshop in the glamorous Hotel Van Oranje in Noordwijk, Netherlands. The perfect location for the kickoff to a successful future of EPEX SPOT.