Allianz Art Edition
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Allianz AG

PRIMOCOLLECTIVE was tasked with reinterpreting the Allianz brand in an artistic way. The four works of art in the exclusive Allianz Art Edition bring the company’s brand identity into a free artistic context. Special focus was put on the creative blend of company values and visions. The acrylic painting is a high-end reproduction of the original.

The acrylic painting, signed by Primo Berera, is the first artwork in the Allianz Art Edition. The abstract palette knife technique on canvas liberates the Allianz brand of its functional context in the insurance world. The production process enabled the artist to embed the Allianz brand harmoniously and contemporarily in a modern environment of numerous structures, nuances and details.

Allianz Art Edition –
The project

The individual agencies can choose the artworks from a catalog and order them directly. In this way the agencies can be equipped with brand-appropriate art, according to their individual needs and premises.