Everything starts with light. Light guides the path, provides warmth and conveys security. Therefore, the development of winter lighting is not only a challenge to material and function, but above all an empathy with the history of the place and the immersion in the emotions of the people who live there. In the end, it is not just lighting, but an enrichment for the place, its inhabitants and guests.


The designers of PRIMOCOLLECTIVE worked closely with urban developers, tourist decision-makers, and citizens‘ representatives to ensure the best possible results for the town. The design of the lighting has to be timeless and at the same time striking enough to be inconspicuous but still perceptible in the surroundings.


The quality of the materials used, their longevity and the power consumption are decisive factors. Replacing wearing parts and repairs should also involve little financial effort. PRIMOCOLLECTIVE works exclusively with well-known and experienced suppliers who take account of all these factors with the latest production methods and guarantee top quality.


The light concepts are seamlessly linked to the existing infrastructure. We are anxious to use existing power lines, lantern masts, underground cables and shafts in such a way that there is no unnecessary effort for a new installation. This also applies to the set-up and dismantling at the beginning and end of the season.

Just in Time

Through our many years of experience in production processes and processes within public institutions, we know which decision-makers have to be involved at which time to get results quickly. In cooperation with our producers we guarantee a smooth and speedy process, from the first design to the installation of the produced lighting, up to the training of the assembly team.