Art, brand, people. A trilogy to work in perfect harmony. PRIMOCOLLECTIVE communicates through art to showcase, inspire and unify brands and people. A multidisciplinary art and design collective based in Zurich, Munich and the Swiss alps, we’re a one stop shop for creativity and good vibes. We produce outstan- ding artistic pieces and experiences for outstanding people and places. We work with the best, guided by whatever takes our fancy. So, let’s get fancy.

What we do

Who we are

A collective of artist and designers, led by Primo Berera, Gregor Türk. Since 2009, we have been producing exclusive products and experiences for international clients and public institutions.

How we work

We are not limited by any visual style or medium. What unifies our projects is an uncompromising love for what we do.

Where we are

We’d welcome you to the swanky PRIMOCOLLECTIVE HQ ... but it doesn’t exist. We prefer co-working spaces, and the buzz of working alongside as many creatives as possible. We’ll choose a unique location to you meet you in. One that inspires us and matches your project’s vision and flavour. So perhaps we’ll see you on Lake Zurich, in a mountain lodge or at one of our art events.

Our references